Romania’s Bigăr Falls features among list of unique waterfalls around the world

A beautiful waterfall in Romania features in a new selection of unique waterfalls from around the world, published by The World The Bigăr Falls are in Western Romania, on the Bigăr Reservation, which lies between the Cheile Nerei – Beuşniţa and the Semenic – Cheile Carasului National Parks, in the Semenic Mountains.

Located in Caraș-Severin county, the nearest cities are Reșita to the north and Timișoara to the north-west. The water runs over a dome shaped rock, thickly covered in moss, which splits the flow into a fine filament like cascade.

The collection of unique waterfalls avoids most of the well known sites, such as Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe or Angel Falls in Venezuela. Instead, a fascinating collection of unique natural water phenomena are listed, including the Blood Falls in Antarctica and the Eternal Flame Falls in the US.

See the collection of eight unique waterfalls.

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