Romanian senator wants to change self-defense law after being robbed

Romanian senator Niculae Badalau, of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), wants to change the law on self-defense, after thieves robbed his mansion last weekend.

Badalau and his wife and daughter were at home sleeping when the robbery took place.

“I think that when someone breaks into your home, your family is threatened. You should be able to take extreme measures. I think this is normal,” Badalau said on Tuesday, November 6, according to local Digi24.

He added that his wife and daughter are traumatized following this incident.

The senator’s family were sleeping upstairs when the thieves broke in, apparently using a key, and robbed the place. They got away with jewelry and several other objects, including a loaded gun that the senator hadn’t secured. Badalau, who has had a gun license for 17 years, thus lost the right to carry a gun and was fined RON 5,000 (EUR 1.075).

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(photo source: Facebook / Niculae Badalau)