New Government gets green light in Romania’s Parliament, already sworn in

The Romanian Parliament ok-ed the naming of a new Government in Romania on Monday evening (May 7 ), after a long day of debates and hearings. The Government received some 284 votes, according to intermediary results, well above the 231 needed to pass. After the debate session started with only 247 MPs, in total 370 voted.

The Government led by leftist Victor Ponta will take office from Mihai Razvan Ungureanu and his team backed by the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), who run the country since February. The new ministers will be sworn in tonight and take office tomorrow morning.

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The new Government is made of the following:

Florin Georgescu – vice-prime minister, Finance Minister,

Daniel Chiţoiu – Economy Minister,

Ioan Rus – Domescti Affairs Minister,

Andrei Marga – Foreign Affairs Minister,

Titus Corlăţean – Justice Minister,

Corneliu Dobriţoiu – National Defence Minister,

Leonard Orban – European Affairs Minister,

Mircea Diaconu – Culture Minister,

Daniel Constantin – Agriculture Minister,

Ovidiu Silaghi – Transport Minister,

Eduard Hellvig – Regional Development Minister,

Dan Nica – Communication Minister,

Vasile Cepoi – Health Minister,

Ioan Mang – Education Minister,

Rovana Plumb – Environment Minister,

Mariana Câmpeanu – Labour Minister,

Victor Paul Dobre – Administration Minister,

Lucian Isar – Business Environment Minister,

Mircea Duşa – Minister Delegated for the relation with the Parliament,

Liviu Pop – Minister Delegated for Social Dialogue

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