Investments in Romania’s economy go up 6.4% in 2017

Net investments in the Romanian economy reached almost RON 78 billion (EUR 17 billion) last year, up by 6.4% over 2016, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS).

Investments in new constructions went up by 4.9%, reaching EUR 7.78 billion, while investment in equipment, including vehicles, grew by 3.9%, to EUR 7.06 billion. Other investments also went up by 17.4%, to EUR 2.23 billion.

A third of the net investments were in the industrial sector, a similar share as in 2016. Investments in the construction sector went up by 7.1 percentage points, reaching 25% of the total investments, while investments in trade and services declined by 6.7 percentage points, to 24% of the total.

Agriculture drew about 5% of the new investments last year and 12.6% went to other sectors.

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