Bucharesters can donate clothes at newly set up containers

The citizens of Bucharest can now donate clothes to the needy at containers that have been set up in 15 parks in the capital’s District 1.

So far, the only place where people could donate clothes was a similar bin set up by the Czech Center and the Czech Embassy in March 2016.

The parks were the containers have been set up are: Luigi Cazzavillan, Venus, Regina Maria, Brâncuşi, Nicolae Iorga, I.C. Brătianu, Automatica, Piaţa Pajura, Teofana, Kiseleff, Bazilescu, Izbiceni, Cireşoaia, Băneasa and Adalin.

The District 1 administration asked those donating to leave only clean clothes, which can withstand a second wear. It would also be helpful if the clothes would be packaged and labeled with information regarding the content.

(Photo source: Primaria Sectorului 1 Facebook Page)

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