Romanian Police recover four ancient coins

Police officers from Hunedoara county, Transylvania region, recovered four ancient coins believed to be part of the national cultural patrimony, following an action carried out in several counties.

The four coins are a Macedonia Prima silver tetradrachm, an Alexandru Macedon silver tetradrachm, an Antoninianus Roman silver coin issued by Antoninus Pius, and a Roman silver coin issued by Emperor Traian with the inscription Dacia Capta. They were taken to a museum where the experts are currently examining them.

Preliminary opinions of experts showed that the coins recovered by the police officers are “excellent pieces that were very well preserved, of very good quality,” which can be included in the category of the national cultural heritage, reads a press release from Hunedoara County Police. They have an estimated value of EUR 1,500.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]


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