Training programs in Bucharest to help you finish the next marathon


As running events are increasingly popular in Romania, various training options are available to those looking to increase their strength and endurance. From groups to personal trainers, here is a selection to help anyone steer their running practice into the direction of their goals.

CIA Coaching in Alergare

This is a 30-day personalized program that helps participants reach the objectives they set for themselves. The running program is adapted to various fitness levels and is complemented by coaching on new skills that help participants reach their objectives. A nutrition workshop is also included and meetings can take place face-to-face or virtually. For those living outside of Bucharest, an online program is available.

The team of trainers includes ultra-marathoner Andrei Rosu, most recently known for having moved his office in the Victoriei Square during the past week’s protests. Rosu was the first Romanian to cross the English Channel swimming in 2015. Also in the team of trainers are Anne Plesuvescu, Alexandru Corneschi, and Adriana Istrate.

Nike+ Run Club

Especially convenient for those residing in the northern part of Bucharest, this is a series of training events taking place in the Herastrau Park. The warm up is provided by trainers from the Stejarii Country Club. The meeting point is at the entrance in the Charles de Gaulle area. The events are updated here.

Ro Club Maraton

Whether you already are a runner, or you would like to start running, this is the club to meet new people and share running experiences. The club meets every Sunday in the Titan IOR Park, starting 10:00 between October and April, and starting 09:00 from May to September. The meeting point is the alley next to the lake, at the wooden church in the park, and those participating run two times around the lake (some 3 km). Besides club members, all are welcome, regardless of their level. The events are sometimes themed, sometimes include awards, and are announced on the club’s website and Facebook page. For a membership fee of RON 220, you can join the club and benefit from various training programs, discounted participation at various events, and more.

Team Run

Two, customized training programs are offered by the team made up from Radu Milea, the first Romanian marathon runner to have participated in the Olympic Games after turning 48, and Marius Ionescu, an athlete awarded at various competitions. The program includes coaching sessions on various running-related aspects, including nutrition, equipment, effort and more.

Time Trial Running

This is a series of competitive training races taking place in the Tineretului Park. The classic track takes two rounds of the lake and runners are asked to keep track of their time so as to chart their performance and be able to improve it. The events in the series are announced here and here.


This is a community of athletes that organizes group trainings for marathons but also weekly training events in the Herastrau Park. The training sessions take place on Tuesday evenings and are coordinated by Flavia Matei and Radu Restivan. Participants can pitch in with food and refreshments for the end of the race. The events are updated here.

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