Romania’s Ice Man Tibi Useriu wins arctic ultra-marathon for the second time

Romanian endurance runner Tibi Useriu won the 6633 Arctic Ultra, one of the hardest ultra-marathons in the world, for the second time. He crossed the finish line on Friday morning, March 17, at local hour 1:25 (9:25 AM in Bucharest).

Tibi Useriu also won the 350-mile race beyond the Arctic Circle in 2016. Despite the extreme experience and the difficulties encountered during the race, he returned this year to defend his title.

He took the lead from day one and put a significant distance between him and the nearest followers, a lead he kept throughout the race.

However, he also had big difficulties in the last part of the race. At the last checkpoint on route to the finish line, the competition’s doctor wanted to stop him because his frostbites had started to get infected.

But Tibi didn’t want to stop and continued the race. He left the last checkpoint just as his nearest follower was arriving and found resources to run for another 50 miles to the finish line in Tuktoyaktuk, at the Arctic Ocean.

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(Photo source: 6633 Arctic Ultra on Facebook)