Romanian television’s annual report rejected by MPs

The Parliament’s culture committees rejected yesterday the Romanian television TVR’s annual report for 2016.

The main consequence is that TVR’s board will be laid off if the Parliament plenary also rejects the report. TVR president Irina Radu would then leave the office.

During the debate in the Parliament’s culture committees, Radu explained that the institution had a positive financial result in 2016 and reached an editorial equilibrium. Radu Preda, the president of Senate’s culture committee, said that the discussions are not about the TV shows’ quality, but about the managerial act.

The Parliament plenary has the final vote, which could be cast today. TVR’s president explained that 2016 was a tough year. It was the last year when the national television had financing from the TV tax. In February this year, the Government removed the TV & radio tax. TVR now gets money directly from the state budget.

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