Praktiker Romania sees 3% increase in sales

Do-it-yourself (DIY) retailer Praktiker saw a 3% increase in sales last year, its turnover reaching EUR 137 million.

“2016 was a favorable year for Praktiker Romania, one of financial consolidation, due to higher sales and stable operational results, despite an increase in rents. In 2016, we also decided to increase the salaries and bonuses of our employees, not only to get in line with the market trends, but also because they are a valuable resource to us,” said Omer Susli, owner of the Praktiker network.

He hopes the company’s positive evolution, which started in 2014, would continue this year and bring the group back to profit.

Praktiker will continue to revamp its stores this year and aims to reach 20 remodeled stores out of the 27 it operates. The company also has some 400 available jobs. It now employs 1,700 people.

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