Romanian seaside city to build miniature park with EU money

Constanta Casino

The local authorities in Constanta, the biggest city at the Romanian Black Sea coast, plan to build a miniature park in the city with EU funds.

The miniature park, which will require an investment of over EUR 1 million, will comprise reproductions of the most important objectives in Constanta county and a region in Bulgaria, which is a partner in this project, reports local

The miniature park will be built in the Tabacarie Park in Constanta, and will cover about two hectares.

“We aim to bring, at a smaller scale, the most valuable objectives in our city and region to the attention of tourists. We use European funds together with a Bulgarian partner, so it is obvious that we will also promote some of the Bulgarian partner’s most important objectives,” said Constanta mayor Decebal Fagadau.

According to the project, all the constructions will be made of lightweight materials, which can be easily removed and transported.

The mayor also said that the local authorities plan to revamp the city’s Tabacarie Park with EU funds. This includes more green spaces, a modern and efficient public lighting system, good quality urban furniture, benches, and garbage bins.

The Casino in Constanta (opening picture) is one of the buildings that could be included in the future miniature park, as it’s the city’s most famous tourist attraction. However, there are also many other objectives in Constanta, such as the public aquarium, the Tomis port, and the museums.

Irina Marica, [email protected]