Bucharest taxi drivers to be sanctioned if they refuse trips


The taxi companies in Bucharest may be obliged to introduce a card payment system in all cars, and the taxi drivers may be fined if they refuse trips, according to the new taxi transport regulation put up for public debate on the City Hall’s website.

The draft project also stipulates that the taxi drivers are obliged to have a civilized and preventive behavior towards other road users and the control authorities, to dress decently, not to keep the documents or objects of the client, to keep the car clean both inside and outside, not to use inappropriate language, and to make available to customers the city map and the updated street index, reports local News.ro.

The new regulation also prohibits the use of higher tariffs than those authorized and displayed on the car and, therefore, the prohibition of price negotiation. Moreover, at the request of clients, the drivers need to help them get in and out of the car. Also, they will no longer be allowed to refuse the transport of a person with disabilities, and will be able to wait for new clients only in designated and marked areas.

Smoking in the taxi when a client is present may also be banned, as well as the use of any mobile gadget such as smartphones.

The draft project also includes a more controversial measure, namely the one referring to the fact that only authorized carriers with dispatch services authorized by the municipality will be able to carry out taxi transport activities in the Romanian capital. This may affect the activity of ride-sharing services such as Uber or Taxify, but also taxi apps such as Clever Taxi or Star Taxi. Last week, taxi companies operating in Bucharest, which have been complaining for months about the “unfair” competition from Uber, have also complained about the taxi apps, which they say operate illegally.

Taxi drivers who fail to respect the new rules will be fined. The draft project will be up for public debate until February 7.

Bucharest’s General Council (CGMB) approved in December 2017 the draft decision amending the taxi transport regulation.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]