(P) One of the best nurseries I have ever seen!

This was a quote from one of the inspectors during King’s Oak British International School’s recent British Schools overseas inspection. King’s Oak is not only leading the way in Romania but worldwide.



As a parent, choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make, and King’s Oak also has an inspirational Primary and Secondary school.

You are invited to pay us a visit to find out why King’s Oak children are so happy and how they make extraordinary progress.

When you arrive at our beautiful location you will discover the infectious excitement and buzz around the school and see our confident, independent and talented children in action. Children are naturally curious, and we encourage and embrace this to produce engaged and motivated learners.

King’s Oak school has always prided itself on its inclusive, holistic and family-focused education which ensures that all children learn in small classes with fully qualified teachers and great facilities. We are very lucky that our school is on the side of a lake in a picturesque area, well away from the noise, pollution and danger of traffic.

As many our parents say, “This school is a unique and outstanding place”, King’s Oak is unique in many ways:

  • We have at least 2 highly qualified teachers in every class
  • We have very small class sizes
  • Lessons are tailor made with tasks embracing each individual child (not one sizes fits all)
  • Academic standards are exceptionally high, and children make well above expected progress and attainment.
  • Children are challenged at their own level, but well supported throughout the journey. Each child is guided and encouraged resulting in self-confidence and enthusiasm for learning
  • King’s Oak children are fully engaged in their learning. It is not a passive experience, but a hands-on one that allows children to develop a full understanding of their potential

Kings Oak British International school is fully accredited by ARACIP and COBIS and has recently completed a highly successful inspection from British Schools Oversees where it was noted that: “A love of learning is embedded in all aspects of school life” – Inspectors

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(p) – This article is an Advertorial.