Total prizes of EUR 47,000 for the most beautiful facade, balcony and garden in Bucharest

Bucharest City Hall has launched the competition via which the most beautiful facade, balcony, and garden in the capital will receive prizes worth a total of RON 214,000 (over EUR 47,000).

The contest is taking place from May 16 to June 26, according to a statement from the City Hall. The smallest prize will amount to RON 500 while the biggest one will have a value of RON 5,000.

“Through this contest we want to stimulate citizens, companies, public institutions, and owners’ associations to decorate and clean their buildings because we want to have clean buildings decorated with flowers and decorative plants, as well as beautiful green spaces in Bucharest, just like in cities in France, Spain, and Italy, famous for the multitude of plants and flowers that decorate the green spaces and facades of buildings,” said Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea.

The competition is open to all decorations that are already completed at the time of their enrollment in the contest, during the period May 15 – June 11, 2017. The citizens will have the chance to vote their favorite works between June 12 and June 14, while the jury will go to see the decorations and give their votes from June 12 to June 18. The winners will be presented and awarded between June 23 and June 25.

Those who want to register in the competition can do so at According to the rules, the participants can upload 3-5 photos of the arrangement, in jpeg/jpg/png format, of which at least two photos taken from the street for a larger view, and 1-3 photos taken closer to show the details. Also, they should write a short explanatory text that includes information on the arranged surface, the concept, the types of plants used, the colors, etc.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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