European royals come to Romania for King Michael’s funeral

Representatives of several European and international royal families are set to arrive in Romania this week to attend the funeral of King Michael, on December 16.

Watch the royal funeral in Romania live here.

King Michael I, Romania’s last sovereign, died on December 5, 2017, at his private residence in Switzerland. He was 96.

UPDATE: Several additional members of royal families from Europe have confirmed the attendance to King Michael’s funeral on December 16. 

UK’s Charles, the Prince of Wales, will attend the funeral of King Michael in Bucharest, on December 16, according to his official schedule. King Michael was a third-degree cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, the mother of Prince Charles. At the same time, Princess Margareta is the goddaughter of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, the father of Prince Charles.

Members of the Spanish royal house will also come to Bucharest. Queen Sofia of Spain, a first degree cousin of King Michael, and Juan Carlos I of Spain, who reigned from 1975 until his abdication in 2014, will attend the funeral, Digi24 reported. Queen Sofia of Spain was the first child of King Paul of Greece, the brother of Queen Elena of Romania, who was the mother of King Michael. Queen Sofia also came to Romania for King Michael’s 90th birthday. She was said to be the king’s favorite cousin.

Furthermore, Queen Anne-Marie of Greece is also set to attend the funeral, according to media reports. The Romanian Royal House has blood ties with the Greek Royal Family, as Queen Elena, the mother of King Michael, was born Princess Elena of Greece and Denmark on May 3, 1896.

Other royals who are reported to attend the funeral are Prince Alexander of Serbia, a cousin of King Michael, Prince Lorenz of Belgium, also a member of the Royal Council of the Romanian royal family, and representatives of royal families of Bahrein, Luxembourg, and Japan.

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