Romanian household revenues up 30% in Q3

Total household incomes in Romania (including monetary revenues, revenues in kind and the auto-consumption of goods and services produced by households themselves) grew by 30% year-on-year in the third quarter (Q3) of 2018, to RON 4,454 (EUR 955).

Spending increased by 34.9% to RON 3.891 (EUR 835) and accounted for 87.4% of total income, according to data published on Thursday, January 10, by the statistics office INS.

In Q3, the average monthly income per person was RON 1,713 (EUR 368) while the total expenditures per person averaged RON 1,497 (EUR 322). The monetary income was, on average, RON 4,090 (EUR 880) per month per household while the in-kind income were estimated at RON 364 (EUR 78) per month per household.

Wages and similar were the most important source of revenue (67% of total household income). The incomes from social benefits accounted for a significant share of the total as well (18%).

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