Hospice runner to bring London’s famous Bagpuss costume to Bucharest marathon

The Hospice charity director James Niblett will run the Bucharest International Marathon this weekend dressed up in the pink Bagpuss cat costume, which was voted the best costume in the competition in the London 2012 marathon. Another Hospice team member, the fundraising director Marc Jenner dressed up as Bagpuss and ran in the London 2012 marathon in April this year.

Bagpuss, which weights 10 kilos and is 2.1 meters tall will run for Hospice Casa Sperantei, to raise funds for palliative care of children with incurable diseases.

The Hospice team in the marathon will comprise some 200 people. Last year, runners for the Hospice together raised EUR 50,000.

Others signed up in the race to support other non-governmental organizations. The consultancy firm PwC will have 200 runners in the marathon, its largest team so far in the annual running competition. The PwC will support the Association for Dravet and other Rare forms of Epilepsy.

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(photo source: Marc Jenner’s Just Giving page)


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