More flu-related deaths in Romania

Two recent cases have pushed the number of flu-related deaths in Romania to 37 this winter.

The recent deaths were those of a 61 year old woman, confirmed with the A strain, and an 84 year old man, confirmed with the B strain, the National Center for the Supervision and Control of Transmissible Diseases (CNSCBT) said. Both had preexisting medical conditions and had not been vaccinated against the flu.

Update: The CNSCBT announced on February 20 that the number of local flu-related deaths climbed to 39, after two new cases in Brasov and Constanta counties.

Last week, Romania’s health minister said the situation was not that of a flu epidemic and recommended the population follow the appropriate hygiene measures and get vaccinated against the flu.

Also last week, the CNSCBT announced that the flu activity evolved with average intensity during the past week, “in local hotbeds (Bucharest, Constanta, Olt, Brasov, Iasi) with a tendency for regional expansion and sporadic cases in some counties.”

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