New private museum in Bucharest recreates family life in communist Romania

Two young Romanians launched a small private museum in Bucharest, which helps visitors understand and experience family life in communist Romania.

Called Ferestroika, the project recreates, in a three-room apartment located in Bucharest’s Militari neighborhood, the everyday life of a Romanian family during the last decade of the so-called Golden Age.

The small museum arranged there not only captures various aspects of life in Romania during the last decade of the communist regime, but also gives visitors the chance to discover, room by room, the real story of a family that actually lived there in the 80s. Visitors can also touch the exhibited objects and taste specific homemade snacks and beverages of that period.

“Ferestroika brings together history and storytelling in an interactive format to provide a new type of tourist and cultural experience. Beyond information and archive material, the project reveals the stories and real experiences of some Romanians, giving visitors the opportunity to travel in time,” said Raluca Jianu, co-founder of Ferestroika.

The specific atmosphere was recreated in collaboration with local designer Ruxandra Anton. The museum also hosts a photo exhibition that captures various aspects of the everyday life of the 80s, signed by Andrei Barsan.

In the future, in addition to the guided tours, the project will expand to organizing interactive history sessions for young people.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]

(Photos source: Ferestroika; photos by Cristina Hutu)