Extra vouchers for Romania’s Cash-for-Bangers program, acquired in 30 minutes


The 3,800 additional vouchers for Romania’s Cash-for-Bangers (Rabla) program were acquired within 30 minutes after being issued on Monday, October 16, said environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu, reports local Agepres.

The Government has recently allocated an additional amount of RON 25 million (EUR 5.4 million) to the Environmental Fund Administration. This allowed it to supplement the number of vouchers granted in the Cash-for-Bangers program.

Rabla Clasic program’s initial budget amounted to RON 180 million (EUR 39.2 million). The Rabla Plus version, for electric and hybrid cars, had a RON 45 million (EUR 10 million) budget. The programs kicked off in May.

The Rabla program will have a new component next year for acquiring electric bikes, the minister announced.

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