Writer Éric Vuillard, winner of France’s top literary prize, tours Romania this autumn

French writer Éric Vuillard, the winner of the 2017 Prix Goncourt, will come to Romania this autumn to launch his book L’Ordre du jour, which brought him the prestigious French book award last year.

The writer will be in Bucharest on September 27-28, where he will attend an event at the French Institute and launch his book at the Humanitas library near the Cismigiu Park in the city center. The launching event is scheduled for September 28, at 19:00. He will then go to Timisoara on September 29 and Iasi on October 1. More details will be announced on Litera Publishing House’s Facebook page.

Born 1968 in Lyon, Éric Vuillard is a French writer and filmmaker. He received numerous literary awards, and in 2017 he also got the Prix Goncourt for his latest book, L’Ordre du jour.

The book presents the secret meeting of February 20, 1933, of 24 large German industrialists and high-ranking Nazi officials who were seeking financial support for the National Socialist Party before the legislative elections. Satisfied with what they hear, the magnates decide to open their pockets widely, a gesture that will have dire consequences for the whole world.

On March 12, 1938, a day meant to remain in history, the annexation of Austria is underway; the news reports depict a motorized army on the move, a terrible, inexorable force. A Blitzkrieg surrogate is behind Goebbels’ propaganda, however, as the panzers fail one after another on the road. The true history of Anschluss is far from the common picture. The book shows that not the strength of character or the undeniable determination of people bring victory, but a combination of intimidation and bluff.

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Irina Marica, [email protected]