Deutsche Bank’s software center in Bucharest to reach 1,000 people

DB Global Technology, Deutsche Bank’s software development center in Romania, plans to employ 200 people more by the end of the year.

They would add up to the existing 800 employees of the company, which has already made 150 new recruitments in Bucharest this year. Over 75% of the employees in the center are Millennials, aged 23 to 35, the company said.

“The first half of 2017 has brought an increase in the number and complexity of international projects coordinated or helped by the Bucharest team. This tendency will maintain and will expand the range of activities involving our center, and with this, the level of abilities of our employees,” Marian Popa, the general manager of DB Global Technology, said.

DB Global Technology develops software solutions for Deutsche Bank’s global operations. It became operational in January 2014.

In 2016, the center reached a turnover of EUR 37 million and a net profit of EUR 7.1 million, according to official data from the Finance Ministry.

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