Bucharest may pay EUR 550,000 to publish two history books for Centennial

The Bucharest City Hall may pay over RON 2.56 million (EUR 550,000) to publish two history books that will be distributed to students in Bucharest on December 1, when Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Union.

The two books, “Romania’s Illustrated History for Students” and “Romania’s Illustrated History for Youth” should be given to about 120,000 students in Bucharest, local Mediafax reported. One of the books is signed by Ioan Aurel Pop, the current president of the Romanian Academy.

The local authorities argued that the two books promote the events Romania has gone through in the last 100 years to students in Bucharest. A decision on this project should be made in the General Council’s meeting on Wednesday, September 26.

Romanian inter-ministry committee approves Centennial projects worth EUR 10 mln

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