Which are the most watched TV series in Romania?

Three Romanian TV series and two Turkish ones were the most watched TV series in Romania, in April, according to official audience data quoted by local Paginademedia.ro.

The three Romanian series are all aired by PRO TV while the Turkish ones are broadcast by Kanal D, which is part of Turkish group Dogan.

The most watched TV series in Romania remains Las Fierbinti, a comedy series that follows everyday life in a village called Fierbinti. The series was launched in 2012 and quickly became very popular. It is now at its 11th season and close to 2 million Romanians watch every episode, more than one million of whom live in the city.

Kanal D’s Turkish soap Dragoste infinita (Infinite Love) was the second most watched series in April, with an average 1.4 million viewers.

PRO TV’s Atletico Textila, another comedy series that follows the struggles of a lower league football team, was third, with over 1.3 million viewers per episode, followed by the comedy series Ai Nostri (The In-laws), also aired by PRO TV, with 1.16 million viewers, and the Turkish soap Furtuna pe Bosfor (Storm on the Bosphorus), with 784,000 viewers per episode.

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