US and Romanian authorities bust cybercrime group after USD 10 mln scams

The US authorities have accused 22 Romanian people involved in cybercrime activities in the US and await for the legal procedures to extradite them to Romania. The cybercrime group has conned over 2,000 people in the US, causing prejudices of over USD 10 million, according to Mark Gitenstein, the US Ambassador to Bucharest.

The Romanians, who claimed to be member of the US Army, were pretending to have cars for sale on and and asked for money from American citizens to purchase the cars. The money has been collected in the US by members of the cybercrime group who were living there and then wired to Romania.

The US has sent FBI agents to Romania over the last five years to work with the Local Unit Against Organized Crime. Around 50 of the 90 Romanians who has been under surveillance locally have been recently arrested in Romania, after 117 house searched have been performed.

Wired magazine has published a story on the US-Romania cybercrime in January this year. Read the story here.

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