UK newspaper spreads fears of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria, suggests ‘tearing up’ EU treaties

British newspaper the Daily Mail has turned its attention to potential immigration from Romania and Bulgaria to the UK, warning that “30 million Romanians and Bulgarians are set to gain unrestricted access to the UK.” However, the article fails to mention that the 30 million figure is roughly the entire population of the two countries, so it seems fairly safe to say that at least a few Romanians and Bulgarians will choose to stay in their home country.

Immigrants, along with single mothers, are favorite targets of the right wing EU hating Daily Mail, and the article quotes various figures that taken together give the impression of an imminent tidal wave of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants arriving in the UK.

But it is a little difficult to gain a clear picture of just how many extra immigrants are expected from the two countries; numbers arriving from Eastern Europe as a whole over various years, totals and indeed the total population of Romania and Bulgaria are jumbled up and quoted together to give the sense of a veritable Balkan swarm descending on the UK. According to the Daily Mail, UK Home Secretary Theresa May (in picture, right) has shown support for the ending of free movement of EU citizens.

The Daily Mail appears in favor of the UK ignoring EU treaties and denying EU citizens their rights and freedoms enshrined in law. The article quotes Cambridge University professor Robert Rowthorn, who says that a “spike” in immigration from Romania and Bulgaria is expected when the restrictions are lifted, but adds that “the transitional controls have perhaps taken the edge off somewhat.”

Romania and Bulgaria are still seeking accession to the open border Schengen Area, which has been resisted by the Netherlands, while Cooperation and Verification Mechanism process, originally due to finish this year, was extended.

Read the Daily Mail article.

Liam Lever, [email protected]