Transgaz to connect nine Romanian villages to EUR 3.5 mln gas pipe

Romanian gas transport company Transgaz will invest EUR 3.5 million in a gas transport pipe in Prahova county, to connect 9 villages to the gas distribution system. The 36-kilometer pipe from Ploiesti – Plopeni – Slanic will be built by Transgaz, while the local authorities will have to take care of creating the gas network within the villages.

The new project will create the premises to develop a gas network in the northern part of Prahiva, in the mountain resort area of Cheia – Maneciu.

So far, 59 of the 104 localities in Prahova county are connected to natural gas, covering 64 percent of the county’s population. Local authorities want to bring the number to 71 by 2016.

Gas connection in one of the requirements of investors when choosing to set up production units in various villages. For example, an investor who wants to open a canned products manufacturing unit in the village of Balta Doamnei is waiting for the village to be connected to a gas supply, according to local authorities.

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