Shopping center owners downtown Bucharest to build metro connection


Another shopping center in Bucharest will connect directly to its nearest metro station. After the developers of Sun Plaza included the subway connection tunnel in their project a few years ago, the owners of Unirea Shopping Center downtown want to do the same. The existing shopping center is very close to the Unirii metro station, and the subway connection tunnel will allow the opening of new stores in the 1,500 sqm tunnel, which will become a shopping galleria, according to Romanian daily Ziarul Financiar.

With 40,000 people passing through the Unirea metro station on a daily basis, the Unirea Shopping Center owners, the Adamescu family expect an increase of at least 20 percent in the traffic at their shopping center. Work on the tunnel is expected to be completed sometime mid next year, and all the costs will be funded by the shopping center developers, which was why the metro operator Metrorex agreed the deal.

The Unirea Shopping Center building has been around since the 80s and was a state – owned shop until the fall of communism. It was privatized in the 90s and recently went through a facelift with the entrance of new tenants, such as H&M, Stradivarius, Zara and Bershka, which helped remodel its facade.

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(photo source: Metrorex)


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