Romanian President sends back to Parliament law on civil servants’ status

President Klaus Iohannis sent back to the Parliament the law amending the civil servants’ status.

The amendments provide that civil servants, including senior civil servants, will not be suspended from their office if they are sent to court. Iohannis said that this is very dangerous, especially for crimes related to the clerk’s office, and it “generates multiple negative effects”.

The current legislation, which the Parliament has tried to amend, provides that the civil servants who are sent to court for corruption-related crimes will be suspended from office. Suspending civil servants from performing their duties if they are sent to court is a provisional measure aimed at protecting the employer, according to the reexamination notice sent by the President.

This measure also applies to other professional categories, such as the judges from the Constitutional Court, magistrates, or insolvency practitioners. The Labor Code also allows employers to suspend the individual labor contract if their employees are sent to court for crimes incompatible with their position.

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