Romanian PM: Christmas fair in front of the Govt., not an inspired decision

Romanian prime minister Mihai Tudose commented on the Bucharest City Hall’s initiative to set up a Christmas fair in Victoriei Square, in front of the Government building, saying that it wasn’t the “most inspired decision.”

The Bucharest City Hall has decided to open another Christmas market in the Victoriei Square, the preferred location for protests against the governing coalition. Bucharest’s main Christmas market opens on December 1 in Constitution Square, in front of the Parliament’s Palace. However, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea decided to set up one in Victoriei Square as well, to make the place “more cheerful.”

The City Hall’s decision has raised many comments as the existence of the Christmas market will make it impossible to organize protests in Victoriei Square between December 2 and December 20.

“In all European capitals, the public spaces transform, at the end of the year, making room for holiday-related events or just becoming more cheerful, brighter, and friendlier. We aim to do the same in Bucharest, in good faith and without any hidden agenda,” mayor Gabriela Firea said in a press statement quoted by local

“It’s hard to understand the political comments related to the City Hall’s events in December. Christmas spirit should make us, if not better, at least more tolerant, and should help us learn to be more careful with the needs of those next to us,” she added.

Prime minister Mihai Tudose, who is of the same party as Gabriela Firea, thinks, however, that the Bucharest mayor will reconsider the idea of opening the Christmas market in Victoriei Square.

“I don’t think that it’s the most inspired decision to have a fair in the middle of Victoriei Square. I found out about this today. Please tell me how people get there, as there are not any pedestrian crossings. It’s complicated. I think that she will realize that it’s not the most inspired choice,” Tudose said, according to local Mediafax.

“Moreover, it also generates comments, that this fair is made so that I don’t know who doesn’t come to the square. No, sir, let them come!” Tudose added.

Firea declined to comment on the prime minister’s statements. She said she directs all her thoughts and energy to honoring Romania’s heroes on the National Day, according to

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