Romanian Petrom employees go to Vienna for protest in front of OMV headquarters

A group of 100 Romanians, representing the 18,000 employees of OMV Petrom, Romania’s largest company, are going to Vienna today to protest in front of Austrian OMV group’s headquarters.

They want to hand in a letter to OMV’s CEO to inform him of abuses from OMV Petrom’s local management, according to Romanian newspaper Bursa.

They are furious that Petrom’s management signed a new collective labor contract with the National Petrom Employees Union, an organization which they say doesn’t represent the interests of the 18,000 Petrom employees.

According to the protestors, the new labor contract strips Petrom employees of their rights and gives the company’s management full power to fire people easier.

Petrom’s employees are also unhappy with the EUR 12 salary increase for this year. The unions which initiated these protests say they already started lawsuits against OMV Petrom and the National Petrom Union.

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