Who is the best-paid person in Romania’s Chamber of Deputies?

Government majority leader and Chamber of Deputies president Liviu Dragnea may be one of the most powerful politicians in Romania, but he’s not the best-paid person in the Chamber of Deputies. It’s the Chamber’s secretary general who gets the highest salary, according to data recently published on the institution’s website.

The secretary general gets a monthly gross salary of RON 17,900 (EUR 3,925), 7% higher than that of the Chamber’s president, who has a gross compensation of RON 16,675 (EUR 3,747) per month.

The secretary general has no role in taking political decisions. The person holding this position manages how the Chamber’s money is spent. 38-year old Solvia-Claudia Mihalcea has been holdig this position since January this year. She was previously general manager of the National Trade Registry’s Office (ONRC), between August 2012 and March 2016.

The Chamber of Deputies made public in early-October the list of compensations received by elected dignitaries, and of the salaries of those who hold management positions in the Chamber’s services and parliamentary bureaus.

According to the list, the president of the Chamber of Deputies receives a gross compensation of RON 16,675 (EUR 3,747). The vice presidents of the Chamber receive a gross compensation of RON 15,515 (EUR 3,402).

A deputy receives a gross RON 13,050 (EUR 2,861). A leader of a parliamentary group earns RON 14,500 (EUR 3,179), a president of a permanent commission RON 14,065 (EUR 3,084), a vice president of a permanent commission RON 13,630 (EUR 2,989), and a secretary of a permanent commission RON 13,340 (EUR 2,925).

The Chamber of Deputies also published the list of the salaries of those working in providing services for the parliament’s body. The highest salary is of RON 17,900 (EUR 3,925) and is received by a secretary general. A deputy secretary general receives RON 17,677 (EUR 3,876), while a department head or a general director earns RON 12,400 (EUR 2,719). The maximum salary of a parliamentary expert is of RON 7,289 (EUR 1,584), while a parliamentary adviser makes RON 8,859 (EUR 1,942). A deputy engineer can earn a maximum of RON 4,407 (EUR 966), an electrician RON 2,936 (EUR 644), a driver RON 3,703 (EUR 804), and a gardening worker RON 2,070 (EUR 454).

At the same time, the Chamber of Deputies made public the list of salaries of those working in the parliamentary bureaus. Here, a counselor can earn a minimum of RON 1,450 (EUR 318), while the maximum gross salary is of RON 3,811 (EUR 836). A consultant can earn a maximum salary of RON 2,342 (EUR 513) gross, an expert of RON 3,471 (EUR 761), a referent of RON 2,099 (EUR 460). A cabinet head can earn a maxim of RON 2,127 (EUR 466), while a driver with a parliamentary office can make a maximum of RON 3,703 (EUR 805).

The average gross wage in Romania was RON 3.329 (EUR 724) in July, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INS).

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