Romanian naval design firm reaches EUR 350,000 turnover

3-month robor

A local naval design firm set up in 2016 by three Romanian architects reached a turnover of EUR 350,000 last year.

The firm, which is called GLO Marine, is currently working with shipyards in Romania, Norway and Poland, and plans to increase its turnover by 115% this year, to over EUR 750,000.

The three entrepreneurs, Alin Pohilcă, Liviu Gălățanu and Liviu Moise, are in their early 30s. They went to work abroad just after finishing university and gathered technical and management experience. Their firm has reached a team of 20 engineers in just one year and a half.

GLO Marine recently opened a consultancy office in the UK as the entrepreneurs plan to increase the share of international contracts, which last year brought about a quarter of their business.

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