More protests in central Bucharest against Romania’s politicians

People turned out yesterday ( July 5 ) for a second evening of protests against Romania’s politicians. Protestors were again at Piata Universitatii and Piata Victoriei, and added a third location with Piata Revolutiei.

The anger over Romanian politicians was clear to see among the people that gathered. On one of the banners at the protest showed an octopus called PCR (Romanian Communist Party) , on whose tentacles were written the names of the main political parties in Romania today. Some protestors against Rosia Montana mining project took the opportunity to join in with the general discontent.

Almost 250 protestors were at Piata Victoriei alone, and among their messages was a call for Romanians to not be manipulated and look to the international media for an unbiased view of events. Vice President of the Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) Monica Macovei made an appearance at the Piata Victoriei protest.

Ioana Toader, [email protected]

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(photo source: facebook piata universitatii)