Winter holidays without stress: Ideas for last minute Christmas gifts

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a difficult mission. It gets even more stressful if Christmas is almost here and you haven’t even started looking for gifts yet.

Here’s a list of last minute gifts that may help:

Beautiful and original handmade items

Most of the big cities in Romania are hosting Christmas markets or smaller fairs these days, and these may be the perfect places to find beautiful handmade items. Craftsmen usually present their best products at these fairs, offering visitors various items to choose from, such as wool socks, hats, gloves or scarfs, leather jackets, wooden toys, handmade jewelry, decorations, bags, and even traditional Romanian sweets or drinks.

Digital gifts

We all know somebody that likes to have the latest phone, smartwatch or tablet, so it should be easy to find the best gift for such a person. However, if they already have the newest gadgets, you may consider buying them accessories for their gadgets or a subscription to an IT&C magazine.

For photography enthusiasts, the best gift would be a new camera or new accessories for their photo cameras. Magazines or books about how to take the best picture can also prove to be perfect gifts.

Meanwhile, movie fans would definitely like to receive a movie box set or at least a movie you think they might like. Posters with scenes from films or famous actors or tickets to movies may also be a good idea, but you can also find books about films or small items such as mugs or pens with messages from famous movies. DVDs with Romanian films can be found in large bookstores such as Carturesti or Diverta.

When it comes to gifts for music fans, things are also easier, as a CD box or a vinyl will definitely make them smile. Tickets for concerts are also successful, as well as the posters with popular music artists or bands, mugs, pens, or other small items connected to music. The newest headphones can also be a good gift, and they are easy to find.

IT&C stores where you can find digital Christmas gifts include Flanco, Media Galaxy, Altex, and iStyle (for Apple products).


These can be fun gifts for both children and adults. The most popular board game is Monopoly, but you can also go for Scrabble, Rummikub, Risk, or Catan. However, the puzzles can also be a good idea. Find them in hypermarkets or bookstores.

A brand new video game console may be one of the best ideas, even though a more expensive one.


There are plenty of places where you can find books for any taste, from science fiction to personal development or cooking. The most popular bookshops in Bucharest are Carturesti (where you can also find plenty of other nice things for your loved ones), Diverta, and Humanitas. These bookshops also sell books in English. However, there is also a department with books in hypermarkets, so you can try finding a good book there while doing your Christmas shopping.

Coloring books for adults have also become popular. You can find them in bookstores, where you can also buy the best crayons.

Coffee or tea

Buying coffee or tea from a supermarket may not be the best idea. Try special coffee shops instead, where you can find various types of coffee or special coffee mugs. A coffee grinder or a coffee machine may also be good ideas. Tea stores also offer a wide variety of teas, including special teas for Christmas in this period, and here you can also find the best set of teacups.


A bottle of wine can save the day. There are plenty of Romanian wines to choose from, for every taste, and you can find them in special wine shops or in supermarkets or hypermarkets. Accessories such as glasses or wine bottle openers can also make good gifts for wine lovers.


If you have a friend or family member that likes sports, you can buy them lots of things from dedicated shops such as Decathlon, Intersport, or Hervis.

Holidays/free time

You can buy plane tickets or city breaks for your loved ones. You just have to know where they’d like to go. Tickets to concerts, theater plays, cinema or any other show are also easy-to-buy gifts.

There is also the possibility to buy vouchers to spa or cosmetics salons for the women in your life. Add a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate next to it and you will make her smile. And since we’re here, women will also like a new makeup set or that perfume she always checks when you go shopping, or that extremely nice silver bracelet she told you about.

Happy holidays!


Irina Marica, [email protected]