Iasi City Hall to award Romanian baker who fought terrorists in Borough Market attack

Florin Morariu

Florin Morariu, the Romanian baker who fought an attacker at Borough Market in the London terror attack on June 3 will be awarded by the City Hall of Iasi, a city in eastern Romania, News.ro reported.

The Iasi mayor, Mihai Chirica, said that Morariu, a Iasi native currently working in the UK, will receive a distinction from the municipality for his courageous act of confronting the terrorists who stabbed several in London. Granting Morariu the title of citizen of honor is also under consideration.

The distinction Morariu will receive is a symbolic one and does not involve a financial reward.

“I publicly commend him for his act of courage. He risked his life, he showed tremendous courage, and we, the people of Iasi, send him congratulations. We are proud of him and will grant him a distinction to honor his actions in the U.K. The entire world speaks positively of Romania, but also of the people of Iasi,” mayor Chirica said.

Morariu is likely to receive the distinction in October, when the city celebrates its anniversary.

Morariu was singled out by the British press for the courage shown in the night of the Borough Market and London Bridge attacks on the night of June 3. In an interview with the BBC, he explained how he let several people to safety in the bakery he works in at the time of the attacks.

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