Half of the food sold in local stores should be produced in Romania

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Romania’s Chamber of Deputies voted yesterday the draft project that obliges local hypermarkets and supermarkets to sell more Romanian products.

At least 51% of the products sold by retailers need to be produced in Romania, according to the law. The draft project also forbids shelf taxes.

The law was adopted unanimously by all MPs that were present for the vote. Before entering into force, the law also needs to be signed by President Klaus Iohannis.

The retailers’ association has reacted saying that the law would affect the consumers that will no longer be able to decide what they buy. This will be politically decided, according to the major retailers’ association – AMRCR.

“The public was deliberately misled by resorting to one of the most beautiful feelings of Romanians, namely patriotism,” reads the AMRCR press release. “It’s obvious that the vote was against the major retailers.”

The law will lead to higher prices, an inflationary spiral that is hardly controllable, and even to under-supply, the retailers’ representatives said.

The big hypermarket and supermarket chains in Romania, most of them part of international groups, have reached almost EUR 10 billion in sales in 2015.

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