Germany will send officers for Romania’s multinational brigade

Germany will contribute to the multinational brigade to be set up in Romania, according to the Romanian minister of defense, Mihnea Motoc.

“We recently received the confirmation from Berlin that Germany will contribute with staff officers to the multinational brigade,” he said, reports local Mediafax.

Poland, Bulgaria, and the U.S. will also contribute to the brigade, and the authorities are still having talks with other allies, the minister added. According to him, the brigade to be set up in Romania is a “solid one.”

“We are convinced that we’ll manage to give a real multinational character to this brigade, which is a solid one in terms of training, endowment. The equipment is very modern, NATO certified, classified at a very good level. We also have more than 3,000 troops from the 2nd Infantry Brigade “Rovine” from Craiova, which will be the frame-brigade of this multinational formation,” Motoc also said.

Romania’s Supreme Defense Council – CSAT decided during the September 27 meeting that the future multinational brigade, agreed upon at the NATO summit in Warsaw, would operate in Craiova.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]

(Photo source: Mihnea Ioan Motoc on Facebook)