Fifth Gear: Dacia Duster is like a bare-knuckle fighting gipsy

Dacia Renault’s Duster model was compared to a bare-knuckle fighting gipsy, but still described as brilliant in a Fifth Gear review of the car. Jonny Smith tested the car in Morocco, where, he said, rugged character matters. “The Duster is hard, just like a bare-knuckle fighting gipsy. You knock him down, he will come back again. In fact, he will welcome you to do it again, and again, and again,” Smith also said. The full video of the test drive below.

Dacia Renault launched the SUV Duster model in May 2010 and managed to sell well over 120,000 units in 2011, equal to the combined amounts of the Sandero and Logan models.

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