Five people investigated for illegally using drones during anti-Govt. protests in Bucharest

Romanian authorities have opened five criminal cases for the illegal use of drones during the anti-Government protests in Bucharest, according to the Romanian Police, reports local Mediafax.

The Police have identified and questioned five people who used drones during the protests.

“One needs a certificate of registration and a certificate of airworthiness to fly a drone. Otherwise, the act is an offense,” said Diana Sarca, communication office coordinator at the Romanian Police.

The five people risk a fine or even jail time. The authorities have taken the drones, and prosecutors will continue the investigation.

Meanwhile, the anti-Government protests have continued in Romania on Tuesday evening, for the 15th day in a row. Some 1,000 people gathered in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square to demand the Government’s resignation, while a few hundred others protested in other cities such as Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, and Sibiu.

On Sunday, February 12, over 50,000 people gathered in Bucharest’s Victoriei Square, and lit up the flashlights of their phones, creating Romania’s flag.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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