Crossing Bucharest from the West to the East could take 25 min starting 2032

Bucharest’s subway operator Metrorex estimates that crossing Bucharest from the West to the East could take only 25 minutes starting 2032, when subway line 5 will be completed, local Digi24 reported.

Currently, the same trip by bus or car takes over an hour. According to Metrorex, the subway goes at an average speed of 36 kilometers per hour while buses and trolleybuses go at an average speed of 14 kmph.

The Romanian capital’s fifth subway line should connect the Drumul Taberei residential area in the West to the city center (University Square) and the Pantelimon neighborhood in the East.

The whole line should be 16.2 kilometers long and have 22 stops. The total investment would amount to EUR 9.16 billion, VAT included.

For the moment, only the 7-kilometer segment between Drumul Taberei (Raul Doamnei) and Eroilor is under construction and should be delivered next year. The other two sections, namely Eroilor-University Square-Iancului Square and Iancului Square-Pantelimon, are only on paper with estimated deliveries in 2025 and 2032.

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