British Embassy starts Bucharest area warden scheme for UK nationals

The UK Embassy in Romania has set up a warden network in Bucharest, Pipera and Corbeanca areas and is asking British nationals living and working in the areas to complete a registration process. The volunteer warden network will provide information to Brits in the case of a “major” crisis, with earthquakes and evacuations given as example by the Embassy.

Registering with network will assist the British Embassy by providing clear information of the numbers and exact locations of UK citizens in the Bucharest area, which will be invaluable when organizing a response to a disaster. Find out more about the scheme and fill out the registration here.

There are several people in charge of the wardens network in the various districts of Bucharest, as follows: Sector 1 – Rob Wilkinson, Fern Baydin and Felix Jackson, Sector 2 &4: Ian Tilling, Sector 3: Alice Patterson, Sector 5: David Hunt, Sector 6: Derek Sawle, Pipera/Iancu Nicolae: Dave Jordan and Mike Brown, British School: Jo Puddy Wells and Catherine Noble, and Corbeanca: Jeff Douglas. More details about their contact details here.

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