Top Romanian lender invests EUR 50 mln in digitizing its units

BCR, the biggest lender in Romania, will invest EUR 50 million in the next two years in transforming some of its branches in cashless digital units, according to parent-group Erste.

“Integrating technology into the branch enables us to offer things that weren’t possible before – or do them more efficiently and in a customized manner. For example, since our advisors from Slovakia started using tablets to guide customers through the process of choosing a consumer loan, clients have said they’re significantly more satisfied with the service they get,” according to Erste.

Five out of six Erste clients still visit a branch over a six-month period and appreciate the advice they get in face-to-face conversations when making important financial decisions, according group representatives.

Erste group has over 2,500 branches in 7 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In Romania, BCR has a network of 514 retail units in Romania.

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