Eastern Romania city starts setting up Christmas lights

The Public Utilities Company in Bârlad, in eastern Romania’s Vaslui county, has already started setting up the Christmas lights that will decorate the city this winter.

Although it is only September, the process was started as only two employees are assigned to the job, which needs to be completed by December 1st, Digi24.ro reported.

The two, an engineer and a worker, have one car to perform the job.

This year, to mark the 1918 Union Centennial, Bârlad purchased 238 new decorative lighting items. These will decorate 11 km of city streets.

Bârlad is a city of almost 56,000 residents, located on the banks of the Bârlad river. It is the birthplace of Romanian prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the first ruler of the united principalities of Moldova and  Țara Românească.

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