Anticorruption demonstration inspired by Romania protests, organized in Paris this Sunday

More than 6,000 people are expected to attend an anticorruption demonstration that will be organized in Paris this Sunday, the same day when yet another big protest is also expected to take place in Romania.

According to the Facebook event, the street protest, which is inspired by the Romanian protests, will take place in Place de la Republique, starting 19:00. Over 6,000 people appear as going, and 31,000 are interested.

“We will not be the only ones to be heard. Romania, among others, shows a serious example at this time. Together we are creative, we resist and massively propose ideas corresponding to our will!,” reads the event’s presentation.

The street protest in Paris is to be peaceful, and non-partisan. The participants will demand a law that is the same for all, and will protest against politicians who divert public funds or are in a situation of conflict of interest.

Similar demonstrations may also take place in other French cities such as Lyon, Toulouse, and Marseille.

A group called Romania & France say: No more corruption was also created on Facebook, where people talk and share the same opinions on anticorruption.

The protests in Romania started more than two weeks ago, and have been the biggest street demonstrations the country has seen in years. They were triggered by the Government’s decision to adopt in a late meeting an emergency ordinance amending the Penal Code. Thousands took to the streets that same evening, and even more continued to protest in the coming days. The largest protest was staged on February 5, when more than half of million Romanians took to the streets across the country, despite the fact that the Government repealed the controversial ordinance. In Bucharest, some 250,000 lit up Victoriei Square with their phones.

Last Sunday, some 50,000 people created the Romanian using their phones and coloured pieces of paper. Yet another big protest is expected to take place this Sunday.

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Irina Popescu, [email protected]


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