Report: Romania reverses fight against corruption

Romania is one of the countries that have taken steps backwards in the fight against corruption, reveals a recent European report.

The recent report from the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), the Council of Europe’s anti-corruption body, highlights initiatives in Romania, Greece and Poland meant to weaken anti-corruption measures.

Romania is listed among nine countries under non-compliance with GRECO recommendations, mainly prevention of corruption in respect of MPs, judges and prosecutors. Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Serbia and Turkey are on the same list.

GRECO evaluated Romania and Poland under an ad-hoc, premiere procedure.

2017 was a bleak year for corruption, the report underlined. “In 2017 there were numerous corruption allegations in many countries and institutions. Progress against corruption cannot be taken for granted. It requires staying alert; because there is always a risk of regression,” said Marin Mrcela, GRECO director.

Council of Europe anti-corruption body slaps Romania on justice changes

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