Romanian union leader: 200,000 employees in IT will have lower salaries


Over 200,000 employees in the IT sector will have lower salaries if the social contribution transfer from employers to employees will take place, according to Bogdan Hossu, the leader of the Cartel Alfa union confederation.

“What is happening now is just the tip of the iceberg of a measure that hasn’t been thoroughly prepared and will have multiple implications. There are many aspects that the policy makers haven’t considered and will explode in the following period, when the measures will come into force. It’s clear that due to the Government’s new measures, over 200,000 employees will have to suffer. I’m talking about employees in the IT sector, who currently benefit from fiscal facilities that will disappear according to the new rules,” Hossu said, reports local Mediafax.

He also said that employees in insolvent companies will also be impacted by the social contribution transfer, as these companies are not allowed to increase wages without the approval of their creditors, which is difficult to get. Some 100,000 employees will thus have lower net salaries starting January next year.

Despite the multiple protests to the social contribution transfer, the Government led by Mihai Tudose will approve the changes to the Fiscal Code in today’s cabinet meeting.

Most Romanian employees expect lower salaries after changes in contributions payment

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