Departing British ambassador: The word “immediately” has many meanings in Romania

The word “immediately” has many meanings in Romania, is one thing that departing British ambassador Paul Brummell has learned in his four years in the country.

“It can mean that something will be done immediately, it can mean that it will never be done, or something in between,” Brummell said in a speech held at the Culture Palace in Iasi on Monday, June 18, Mediafax reported.

However, he said Romania is a beautiful country and he loves living here. “For four years I’ve felt like home, because Romanians are friendly. It’s been a pleasure living here and visiting this very beautiful country. I love Romania. I think it’s a wonderful country,” he said.

He also said he was pleased with the relationship between Romania and the UK, which has improved in the last four years on all indicators, including trade and defense cooperation as well as connections between people.

New UK ambassador to Romania takes up post in August

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