videoDutchmen track down stolen bike to Romania

A team from VanMoof, the Dutch maker of city bikes, tracked down one stolen bicycle all the away to the Eastern Romania town of Bacau.

VanMoof’s Peace of Mind service helps users to recover their stolen bike by enlisting the Bike Hunter team, which is sent to locate and recover it.

The team came to the country to recover the vehicle following its GPS signal, which showed it was located in a garage in the Romanian city, found some 2,000 km away from Amsterdam. They teamed up with a local guide and set out to find the bike.

They visited a local bike shop to see if anyone had bought an electrified bicycle recently and went to the building where the bike had last sent a signal. During their search, they met a man who had seen the bike only a few days prior to their arrival, stored in a garage next to his. The man called the owner of the garage but he was unable to come and talk as he was out of town.

After this, the Dutch team went to the Police but had to abort their search after receiving no help from them, they said in a video of their local trip. However, the Bacau County Police Inspectorate said no official complaint was filed with the institution.

A video of their trip to Romania here.

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(Photo source: VanMoof Facebook Page)