Telecom operators to roll out new iPhone 5 in Romania beginning November, start pre-orders

Telecom operator Vodafone will launch the new iPhone 5 in Romania on November 2, it recently announced. Earlier this month, media suggested competitor Cosmote would launch iPhone 5 mid-October. However, Cosmote’s webpage announces it will be launched soon. Orange too announced it will soon launch the iPhone 5.

Vodafone already launched the option to pre-order the new iPhone before the launch date. Pre-orders available on this page. Vodafone sells it for EUR 369 with a EUR 39 subscription a month and EUR 739 without a subscription for the 16 GB version. Prices for the 32 GB version are EUR 469 and EUR 859 respectively, while for the 64GB version, it costs EUR 565 with subscription, and EUR 979 without.

Orange also offers pre-orders here, with prices between EUR 269 and EUR 569, depending on storage capacity and subscription chosen.

The new iPhone was rolled out in the US and elsewhere in the world in September. Its producer Apple says iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world and that it was improved compared to its predecessor the iPhone 4.

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